Jump-start your health and fitness this spring with Macro Tracking


Spring is here in Arizona, and I am soaking it up as much as can! I absolutely love spring! It’s the perfect time to get into a new routine and regain momentum with your health and fitness goals. I love using macro tracking to jump start my goals and work towards that summer body!

One of the biggest benefits to macro tracking is that it gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love while living a healthy life. You don’t have to binge anymore. My clients tell me all the time that they are so glad that they don’t go on food binges because they get to enjoy the food they love every day! They aren’t being forced to suffer in the name of dieting.

If you’re ready to kick booty this spring, here are three tips to start your journey.

Set yourself up for success with macro tracking by performing a kitchen clean out

What happens in the kitchen impacts your weight loss goals so much more than anything else. Once your body is being fueled with the foods it needs you will be able to excel in so many other areas of your life. The best way to tackle your nutrition is to perform a kitchen clean-out.

To begin your kitchen clean-out, you need to assess what you have in your pantry. Pull everything out of your cupboards and take inventory. Look for red, yellow and green foods. You can use my free kitchen assessment to determine what food to keep and what to get rid of.

Second, begin meal planning and prepping. Planning is the key to better nutrition. We spend a lot of time obsessing over what to eat and it makes eating healthy seem like too much work. However, if you have a plan in place and you prepare food before you need it, then you will set yourself up for success. You can learn more about how I meal plan and prep in my ebook, Macros Made Easy.

Combine macro tracking with a new exercise plan for a fresh start

Once your nutrition is on the right course, it’s a great time to add a new exercise or two into your routine. Spring is also the perfect excuse to change things up and go from indoor winter workouts to outdoor workouts

Weight lifting is my favorite type of workout. During the colder months, I spend more time in the gym lifting, but once I start to see the first signs of spring, I know it’s time to mix things up a bit. I like to take a week off from heavy lifting to focus on other areas such as cardio and HIIT training.

By switching things up and getting out of my normal routine, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Which, makes me want to get back into my routine and push to new limits.

You will see amazing results if you combine macro tracking with an exciting workout regimen.

Surround yourself with people who support your macro-tracking journey

The company you keep can either make or break your fitness goals.

When you take the plunge to better yourself, you need support because it will be difficult. There will be times when you want to give up on your health goals and that’s where the people in your life will either make you or break you.

I don’t want to focus on the negative too much, so I’ll just say this, negative people will try to tear you down for your health decisions. They’ll tell you that you won’t accomplish your goals or that you’re dumb for trying. Those are the people that you need to spring clean right out of your life.

The people who actively encourage you, ask you about your progress and help you make better choices are the people you want in your life. These are the people who will have your back no matter what.

I also think it’s important to build relationships with people who are on the same journey, which is why I created a Facebook group for my clients. In the Moreland Macro Munchers group, all of my clients can share their struggles and their wins. It’s a great place for you to find people who will support you wholeheartedly.

If you’re ready to dive into your health and fitness goals right now, schedule a consultation with me and I can help you get started today!