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Slow steady progress is
better than fast, daily excuses.

L.T. - Female Client

I have always been somewhat of a workout maniac - I do it to relieve stress.  I realize that puts me at an advantage.  My whole life (except college) I’ve been able to maintain a relatively comfortable figure in my eyes – basically through being active and somewhat restrictive eating.

Until I hit 40.  Then things changed.  I had heard that your metabolism slows down, but I continued to work out and felt that I could just keep doing the same thing to get the same results. Well, it didn’t work…year after year I started to gain 1-3 lbs…but I didn’t understand why…I was actually ALSO cutting calories to try to maintain my figure. If I eat between 1000-1200 calories AND workout surely I’ll lose weight. Nope…it did not matter how much I worked out or how little I ate…those pounds kept creeping on.

 I had it all wrong…this is not restrictive…it’s empowering…eating the foods you love…but in the right amounts and mix. Guess what…I was eating half the protein that I should have, and probably twice the carbs that I should have – and definitely more fat that I should have. It was never about the working out…it was about the nutrition…I never knew what my body needed…I never kept track.

What a break through, I am down about 11 pounds from where I started (138 to 127).  I only really planned to attempt to lose 8, assuming it would be really hard…I’d been trying for at least 8 years.

I didn’t change my workout schedule…I only changed what I was eating.  The fat seemed to melt off.  And although I’ve only been in this for 4 months, I’m making a habit of healthy eating and I’m seeing the results.  I still would like to slim down some more, and will continue my journey, but just realizing that it is a journey is half the battle.

M.C. - Male Client

My work requires me to go to heart fit for duty. My first appointment didn't go so well which is why I sought out Krista. I had my follow up appointment this week and this is how my stats have changed The doctor was very pleased with my progress and said to stay on track and that she didn't need to see me until next year!  

Cholesterol was 276, now 197 
Triglycerides were 174, now 83
HDL was 51, now 44
LDL cholesterol, calculated was 190, now 136

So I'm at a weight that I didn't think I'd ever see again and blood numbers are better then I expected. I'm kinda in a weird place... Regarding my diet/weight, I'm not familiar with "success". Happy for it but it's weird.
Thank you! 

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The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you've come.