Put the Tablets Down! Try these Summer Activities for Kids

Put the Tablets Down! Try these Summer Activities for Kids

It's mind-boggling to me that kids don't spend the entire summer vacation playing outside and running around with their friends like I did as a kid. Instead, kids want to spend all their time watching TV or playing games on their tablets and computers. There's nothing wrong with a little screen time, but kids shouldn’t be spending all day in front of it. I want to help you come up with some summer activities for your kids that will keep them moving and active!

Outdoor summer activities for kids

Obviously, we want to spend as much of our summer break as we can outside. Simply being outdoors increases the chances for more movement! Encourage your kids to participate in outdoor activities throughout the summer. They could play in a summer sports league, or even just go to a local park! You don't have to be fancy with the outdoor activities. The only goal here is to get them moving!

Our family's favorite outdoor activity is swimming. It's so hot here in Arizona, that swimming is a must! Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and most kids have so much fun they don't even realize how much work they're doing! If you don't have access to a swimming pool, then splash pads or even running through the sprinklers are great alternatives. 

Please make sure that you're keeping your kids well hydrated when they're playing outside. Get each of your kids a water bottle and make sure that they're filling it up multiple times throughout the day. I also like to make sure my kids are protected from the sun while they're outside. Sunscreen, hats and even long t-shirts and pants will keep them safe from those sun rays!

At-home (indoor) summer activities for kids

Unfortunately, we can't have our kids outside all day. Sometimes – or 99 percent of the time for my family – it’s simply too hot to go outside. When kids are indoors we have to get a little creative to get them moving. 

If you have older kids who always want to be playing video games, I suggest getting games that will make them get up and move. The Wii is a great example because they can go bowling or play tennis and get off the couch while still playing video games. 

Younger kids are going to have an easier time moving indoors. A little slide is a great way for preschoolers to expel some energy while having a blast. For elementary school-aged kids, you may need to come up with some indoor games that they can play. Slow motion tag is a great game to try. The kids will be able to move - slowly, so they don't break anything- but it will be so much fun for them! 

Finally, you can always put on an in-home workout for kids to follow along with. YouTube has millions of free options! Yoga or even dancing videos are great for kids. If you workout at home, you can let them follow along with you. It's a great way to teach them healthy habits and they'll love spending time with you; which brings us to our final tip. 

Family Summer Activities to Keep Everyone Moving

Like I said, if you want your kids to prioritize being active, then you have to lead the charge. Show your kids that moving is important to you by playing and exercising with your kids! 

The easiest way to incorporate family movement time is to go on walks or bike rides together. I love family walks because they give us a chance to talk and get some exercise in. You can let your kids run ahead a little bit to give you and your spouse some alone time or you can all walk and talk together. Bike rides don't offer as much time for talking, but it's an adventure you can reminisce about for years to come. Encourage your family to walk or bike anytime you can! If you're going to go get ice cream, take the bikes instead of the car.

Another family favorite is a good ol' dance party. Dance parties can get everyone involved; sure, your teenager might roll her eyes, but play one of her favorite songs and she'll be into it in no time. Let your kids teach you some new moves and show them some of your old-school favorites. You'll be surprised how quickly 20 minutes goes by when you're all in the groove. 

Lastly, it may not be the most glamorous or fun option, but give your kids chores where they can be active! The most important part of this is to make it fun. Nothing is worse than having to work on your summer vacation, so make the chores exciting! If your son wants to listen to music while he mows the lawn, let him! Have your little kids race to pick toys up off the floor before you vacuum. 

The most important aspect of getting your kids moving is to let them have fun. It is summer after all!

If you need help getting your family to be more active this summer, book a free discovery call with me and I can help you and your family get on a path to a healthier life!

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