3 simple ways to get your health back on track after a holiday splurge meal – without feeling bad about yourself

3 simple ways to get your health back on track after a holiday splurge meal – without feeling bad about yourself.jpg

Holidays are the biggest excuse for people to break their healthy eating habits. You could eat well for three months, but when a holiday rolls around, it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in all of your favorite foods. I’m not here to tell you that you can’t indulge, but I am here to tell you that you can’t throw in the towel because you got off the path for a second. 

Too many people believe that one bad meal negates all the hard work they’ve done on their nutrition. They go down one of two paths. Either they say “screw it, I give up!” and walk away from the healthy lifestyle they’ve been working towards. Or they punish themselves for making a few bad food choices. 

When people say “screw it” they continue to make poor food choices one after another. So one bad meal leads to a second bad meal, then a day of bad meals, a week of bad meals - I think you get the point. 

When people punish themselves they either restrict their food - no more carbs, veggies only!, etc. - which ends up just making them want things more or they tell themselves they’ve done something bad and they have to “work it off” in the gym. 

All of these options take healthy choices to the extreme and create unhealthy relationships and behavior. Instead of taking these paths, I want you to try one of my options to get back on the horse after an off meal. 

Try the “Never Two” trick

If you have a meal that doesn’t fit with your nutritional goals, it’s ok. The first thing you need to do is, forgive yourself and move on. The second thing you need to do is, plan to have your next meal meet your goals. 

If a brunch out with friends throws you off, make sure you eat a healthy, well-balanced dinner. If you go to a family BBQ for dinner and eat every dish in sight, then make sure your breakfast tomorrow is on point. It doesn’t matter how much time is between the meal you “messed up” on and the next meal, as long as you don’t have a second off meal.

The most important part of the “Never Two” trick is that you learn that you can easily get back on track. I say this all the time, but weight loss is really just about changing your mindset. If you learn how to forgive yourself and move on, then you will succeed! 

Do NOT restrict your foods

We all know that most diets fail because they are too restrictive! Binging and restricting can have serious health repercussions physically and mentally.  Avoid this unhealthy behavior by making a plan to eat all kinds of foods that make you feel good!

Instead of restricting your foods, make sure your choices line up with your goals. If you’re macro tracking, make sure that your next meal falls within your macro goals. Take some extra time to plan out your meals for the next few days so that you don’t give in to temptation when you’re hungry. 

When you’re meal planning choose your protein source first, then choose your veggies, fruits and other carbs last. Look for whole food options because you're going to get more nutritional bang for your buck. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water as well! Water will help keep false hunger and cravings at bay so you can make better decisions! 

Go to the gym with the RIGHT mindset

I know I said it was bad for people to hit the gym super hard after a holiday splurge meal, but it’s because most people think that they’ve done something bad and they have to punish themselves for those choices. This mindset creates a seriously unhealthy relationship not only with food but with exercise. 

I want you to go to the gym because you have extra fuel in your body that will help you perform better in the gym - NOT because you did something bad. Do you see the difference? 

Since you have the fuel to burn, try to extend your workout a little bit past your normal time. I like to aim for 60-90 minutes after a holiday. If that’s too much for you, then don’t go for as long! If you only workout for 30 minutes a day, push for 45! Whatever makes you feel good! 

Keep in mind that you achieve everything you do twice. First, you achieve it in your mind, then you achieve it in the real world. Go into your workout knowing and believing that you can push yourself a little bit longer than normal and you will! 

If you need personal help getting back on course after a holiday, then book a free discovery call with me! I will help you push past your unhealthy mindset, and we will help you find healthy ways to get back to your goals!

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Krista Moreland