How To Stop Putting Yourself Last & Set Boundaries That Make You Feel Important

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When things are important to us we make time for them. I mean look at your day… most of it revolves around your kids, husband, work, pets, etc. We fill our day with things we deem as important, things that take priority.

Which is also why our day seems to leave our needs out. We make ourselves the sacrificial lamb for the family or work. We feel like WE can sacrifice our desires/wants for the things we place above ourselves...OTHER’S.

I mean we are adults isn’t that what adults do?


NO, at least not always!   

YOU ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT as your kid’s soccer schedule, husbands work schedule, demands of work and volunteer commitments.

Okay great, how do we make this happen? What’s the Key?

Sit down and SCHEDULE your wants out! You will first want to know your WHY!

This week WRITE your wants/desires down! Let your family know this is important to you.  Make them feel like they are a part of the goal and convince them that you need their help in achieving XYZ.

Sometimes (and I am so guilty of this) I assume they know I want 5 minutes of uninterrupted time on the phone or that I actually like to go to the bathroom by myself!

Well guess what, they don't.

I have discovered in the last few years to ASSUME NOTHING.

Pretend like everyone lacks common sense and communicate specifically what I need/want with GUSTO!

It has been eye-opening how much less resistance I feel when I set a goal and communicate that goal to my family. My intentions are obvious and clear to the people I make a priority in my life and then they are excited to make me a priority in theirs. They cheer me on instead of unknowingly sabotaging what I am working towards! They want to see me WIN!

It’s funny how they start to help me find and figure out a time to run, meal plan or get 20 minutes of quiet time.


So how the heck can you get started?


  • Get A Calendar

    • on your phone, on your desk, one you hang. Pick one or all three (I have all 3)

  • Write On It

    • Schedule it out, plan the time, set your intentions and prepare for them

  • Share It

    • Not only is this amazing accountability but hello the family will (hopefully) fall in line and help a sister out!

  • Look At It

    • I know this sounds like “DUH” but seriously look at it daily. Start your morning knowing how you will work towards that goal you are wanting to be intentional about.

  • Remember

    • one day at a time!

Better Together,


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