The most effective way to lose weight without giving up ice cream this summer

The most effective way to lose weight without giving up ice cream this summer

I’m sure that you’ve heard that you need to cut out all the food you love, like ice cream, in order to lose weight. While cutting down on sugar isn’t a bad idea for a healthier life, I’m here to tell you that you can have your ice cream and lose weight too.

The key is having a flexible diet that allows you to make choices and doesn’t tell you what you can or cannot do. The real key to losing weight is educating yourself and making choices that fit within your lifestyle. 

Balancing your food choices means there are no “good” or “bad” foods. 

First, you need to learn how to balance your food choices. I’m about to drop a huge bomb on you: there are no good or bad foods! All food is, is nourishment! Sure, there are foods that are more nourishing for your body than others, but that doesn’t make them bad!

To achieve food balance, create a plan that allows you to eat foods that nourish your body and allows you to eat the foods you enjoy. The biggest aspect of weight loss is mindset, and if you get hung up on what you can or cannot eat, then you’re never going to succeed! 

Instead, create a balance between what your body needs and what your mind wants! Once you achieve that balance, you will be able to reach your goals!

Give yourself plenty of choices in your food. 

Along with balance, comes choice! Having a flexible diet means that you get to choose what to eat! I’ve been on a lot of diet plans where I’ve either had a strict schedule of what to eat for each meal, or where I’ve been told to avoid certain foods. 

In the end, those diets didn’t work for me because I either got tired of eating the same thing, or I hated something that my diet told me I HAD to eat. What did work, was flexible dieting. It worked becuase I was in charge of my choices. If I wanted ice cream, I could have it! 

I’ve found that people are happiest when they get to make decisions for themselves. And after all, aren’t we losing weight to live a happier life? 

Learn how food works with your body. 

The final step, in having your ice cream and losing weight too, is to determine what food does for your body. We must learn the difference between food groups and what macronutrients are because these are the keys to eating foods that make us feel and look good!

Learning how food works for you and your body is hard to teach because everyone is different. I can’t tell you that you aren’t allowed to eat brownies, because brownies leave me bloated. If they don’t leave you bloated, then why shouldn’t you eat them? Instead, you have to take control of your nutrition and decide which foods work for you and which foods don’t. 

Understanding the difference between proteins, carbs and fats, will help you find a balance in your nutrition. Knowing that each macronutrient has a purpose helps you learn when to eat it. Protein creates muscle and makes you stronger. Carbs will give you energy - yes, you need carbs in your diet! Finally, fats will keep you full! 

Together all of those create a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a sustainable diet. A sustainable diet leads to success. If you need help learning more about flexible dieting and how it would work in your life, then book a free discovery call with me. We can have a chat about your nutritional journey and see if this would be a good fit for you.

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Save this to Pinterest for future reference!

Krista Moreland