The biggest reason your kids don’t eat healthy foods and how to fix it

The biggest reason your kids don’t eat healthy foods and how to fix it.png

As a mother and business owner, who works with other mothers, I can tell you that kids have a hard time being excited about changing their diets to fit a healthier lifestyle. I have talked to so many clients about how to get their kids to eat healthy foods and I want to share that with all of you.

I’m going to be a little bit blunt with you, but I want you to know that I am here to help you fix your problem. I am not here to judge - mostly because I’ve been where you are!

The truth is that most kids are picky eaters because we, as mothers, have allowed them to be. Our kids are introduced to foods by us and if we’ve avoided broccoli for the past seven years, then so have they! The good news is that you can fix this, mama!

It starts with you

We learn about nutrition and cooking from our parents. We tend to cook the way our families cooked and eat and serve the foods we grew up eating. Which means you can go ahead and blame your mom for your nutritional habits. Just kidding!!! Love you Mom!

The good news is that you can be the one to break this cycle! Now that you know more about healthy eating and healthy living, you can teach that to your children.

You can be the one to change what your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids know about food!

Educate yourself on nutrition

You have to start by learning more about how your body works and what foods and nutrients are essential to healthy living.

This part may take some time. It may take some huge mindset changes, but you can do it! You can learn as much as you want about how to fuel your body.

I believe that knowledge is power when it comes to food. We can’t make good choices with our food if we don’t know what good choices look like. I also believe that learning about nutrition and teaching it to our children can help them have healthier relationships with food.

I teach my children that food has a purpose, there are no bad foods, just food accountability. For example, I allow my kids to eat fruit snacks. Fruit snacks aren’t bad, as long as we use them in the right circumstances. If my kids are sitting on the couch and want a snack, fruit snacks aren’t the best choice because my kids aren’t burning energy. In this case, we would find something to fill them up, instead of carbs. However, when my daughter is headed to soccer practice, I’m fine with her having fruit snacks so she has the energy to run and play. I also give her something like peanut butter so that she has something to fuel her once the carbs are burned up.

It’s all about finding the right balance and knowing when you need carbs, to give you energy, protein, to build muscle, or fats, to keep you full.

I am always here if you want to learn more about nutrition! I love sharing my knowledge with others so that they can be there for their families for as long as possible.

Take ownership of the situation and explain your findings to your family

Once you’ve educated yourself, it’s time to approach your family. Sit them all down on the couch and share what you’ve learned.

First of all, take ownership for the lack of healthy eating. Explain that you noticed that the family doesn’t make the healthiest choices when it comes to food and you know that you’re to blame for that.

Then, share your plan with them. Tell your family that you’ve learned more about the purpose of food and that you want to make changes to live a healthier life, so that you can be around for as long as possible. Talk to them about your new plan for what foods will be in the house. Break down how you plan to accomplish your new goals.

Finally, invite them to join you. Tell them how much you need their support in order to succeed in your goals. Ask them how your goals will affect them, and what the outcome could look like if you succeeded. Individually, ask your children to join you on this journey.

If you approach your family in a way that gives them a choice, they will most likely be willing to join you. However, if you force it upon your kids without any warning, they may dig their heels in. Be sure you present this life change to them and explain all the benefits of it. Give them a choice.

In the end, you’re probably the one planning the meals, buying the groceries and preparing the food, so they’ll have to go along with your plan. But, it’s good for them to learn how to make this choice on their own, so that they continue to live a healthy life after they’ve left your home.

If you’re ready to take the leap into living a healthier life, and ultimately helping your family live a healthier life, then schedule a free discovery call with me and I can help you take the first step towards healthy eating.

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